Glen St. Mary Fl. | Wedding Photographer | Gonzales Wedding | 03.03.18

I had the honor of working with Alexa + Alex for their engagement session at their wedding venue. Seeing the love they have for each other was immediate. Just watching the way that Alex looked at Alexa was truly heartwarming. You could just tell that she was his everything. Fast forward to their wedding day... 

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Waldo Wedding | Alachua, Fl. | 12.16.17

There are couples and then there are COUPLES. Bethany + Andrew are the latter Utterly amazing, kind and sweet. I had the honor of documenting their special day and in total and complete honesty, it was amazing. I truly wish more couples were like these two.

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Oh, {My} Christmas Tree!

Is it bad I am legit singing Oh, Christmas Tree while writing this blog post? Lol. But seriously, how can I NOT sing it?! 

I have to brag a bit on my Christmas tree... I love decorating it. I love the fact that it is not all the same. There is something different everywhere you look. Hidden in spaces you will find ornaments at my little one's level. (He has fun finding all the ornaments Mommy has hid for him). 

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