Glen St. Mary Fl. | Wedding Photographer | Gonzales Wedding | 03.03.18

I had the honor of working with Alexa + Alex for their engagement session at their wedding venue. Seeing the love they have for each other was immediate. Just watching the way that Alex looked at Alexa was truly heartwarming. You could just tell that she was his everything. Fast forward to their wedding day... 



Once I arrived to the Mathis house I was greeted by Alexa who was already done with hair and makeup! {She looked stunning!!}


And all I could think of was how Alex was going to react once he saw her during the first look.


Later, when I asked what made them want to do a first look and if they would recommend it to other couples. This was their response "we wanted a moment where it would be just us (and of course the photographers)  we also wanted to clear up the pictures before the wedding. But the first look was the best thing we could've done because it was so intimate."

The ceremony was equally as emotional- hearing their vows. It was full of laughter and love. They had so many memories tied into their vows and after being together for 5 years that is bound to happen <3 And once they were pronounced Man and Wife they danced down the aisle, which really showed how fun they are. 

When I asked Alexa what was her advise to other couples planning their special day- she told me "Get with a florist on getting all of your flowers... I did it all on my own and it was such a pain, but I can say it would have been worth the money to use a florist." Alexa also told me for brides planning their day- about a week before the big day pack everything you think you will need. {Tissues, Band-Aid's, water proof mascara seems to be the favorite among my brides}

Their reception was so fun to be apart of- seeing all their friends having a great time and lets just say that the party was non stop!