Oh, {My} Christmas Tree!

Is it bad I am legit singing Oh, Christmas Tree while writing this blog post? Lol. But seriously, how can I NOT sing it?! 

I have to brag a bit on my Christmas tree... I love decorating it. I love the fact that it is not all the same. There is something different everywhere you look. Hidden in spaces you will find ornaments at my little one's level. (He has fun finding all the ornaments Mommy has hid for him). 


My tree is covered in handmade ornaments from my babies, random store bought ornaments, Florida Gators Ornaments,  heirloom ornaments and ones that are very sentimental to me. That is my Christmas tree. With the occasional Harry Potter and Nightmare before Christmas ornament here and there.  


I have always grown up having a real tree, every year and when I was little my Mom, brother and I decorated the tree together. There were always soooo many ornaments! And the Tinsel... yeah that stuff that is a pain to put on but after a few silver clump mishaps you had the technique down... and that same stuff that is always pain to keep cleaning up off the floor as December progresses. *Insert Eye Roll here* but on that same annoying note- it does add a little more shimmer to the tree.  Now with little ones running around I have chosen to forgo the tinsel until they are a little older to not come rushing by the tree in a sprint taking all of it with them as they went. So until then, I will have a tinsel-less tree. 

Everything about our tree was different. from the fact that it didn't match to the fact that our light were not just white... they were red, blue & green.... and *Gasp* multifunctional! 

There was only one space on the tree, every year that a certain set of ornaments went. It was the Circus ornaments. they were always on the right side, low on the bottom. This year, I finally found out why they always went there. Before I was born, those were bought for my older brother, when he was old enough to help Mom decorate that is where he put them, all in that area. So every year that is where it was. And throughout the years, even though we were grown and out of the house Mom still put his Circus ornaments in that one spot. <3  

the Ballerina from the Circus Ornament&nbsp;
One of the Circus Clowns from the set of Christmas Ornaments.&nbsp;

Isn't my Mom's Tree Beautiful?! 


More Christmas Posts to come soon- like how we are spending the boys Christmas break from school!

What do you guys do for your trees? Are you a real tree with the every day clean up or fake tree with no random pine needles floating around come Mid-December? Do you have your tree match or are you more Eclectic in your decorations?