Oh, {My} Christmas Tree!

Is it bad I am legit singing Oh, Christmas Tree while writing this blog post? Lol. But seriously, how can I NOT sing it?! 

I have to brag a bit on my Christmas tree... I love decorating it. I love the fact that it is not all the same. There is something different everywhere you look. Hidden in spaces you will find ornaments at my little one's level. (He has fun finding all the ornaments Mommy has hid for him). 

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Why Do People Hire Me?

 And in every aspect, she was right. She went into detail about what she offers her clients in the way of tangible goods to the experience they will have with her as well as peace of mind for their baby  in terms of safety and in every aspect she was absolutely right for what she charges. Which got me thinking, Why do people hire ME? So I dug deep, and here is why my clients hire me... 

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