Oh, {My} Christmas Tree!

Is it bad I am legit singing Oh, Christmas Tree while writing this blog post? Lol. But seriously, how can I NOT sing it?! 

I have to brag a bit on my Christmas tree... I love decorating it. I love the fact that it is not all the same. There is something different everywhere you look. Hidden in spaces you will find ornaments at my little one's level. (He has fun finding all the ornaments Mommy has hid for him). 

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The Seay Wedding | Lake Butler, Florida

Every Love Story is different. This one is five years in the making. This is the love story of Kristin + Kendel. 
I don't know where to start with Kristin + Kendel. Their wedding was amazing to say the least. I have worked with them for years now. So when they got engaged it was only natural that I would be the one to photograph their wedding. {And I am honored that they chose me to document their day}

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Starke Florida | Newborn Photographer | The Secrets to Amazing i-Phone Photos

Your I-phone is with you at all times, right? It’s like your right hand — always there, always ready to help you muddle your way through the day and kill boredom when the need arises. But that phone of yours can be oh-so-frustrating when your darling child chooses a particular moment to do something photo-worthy and your phone chooses that time to revolt.

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