Why Do People Hire Me?

In a Forum I am in, a group of us Newborn Photographers got together, {since school is letting out all across the country and we need some like-minded business talk} and the Topic was "Why should people hire YOU?" in an example that was given about a well known photographer (true story by the way) a client was trying to decide which photographer to go with to document their little one being welcomed into the world, one gave a huge discount to potentially get the job and the other photographer, well, the potential clients loved her work though she was higher. They asked their preferred photographer, basically,  'What can you do for us {can YOU offer us a discount too}?' The photographer, realizing that they are not her target clients, never responded. She KNEW what she was worth and stuck to her pricing. About a week later the same couple emailed her again, asking, what can you do for us? She finally responded.And in every aspect, she was right. She went into detail about what she offers her clients in the way of tangible goods to the experience they will have with her as well as peace of mind for their baby in terms of safety, and in every aspect she was absolutely right for what she charges. Which got me thinking, why do people hire ME? So I dug deep and here is why my clients hire me... 


     I work on my craft everyday in some aspect or another. There is a thin line between passion and obsession and honestly, I tiptoe the line very closely. I have an immense LOVE for photographing the fragile, newness of life. It melts my heart seeing the love in the parents eyes seeing their child and holding their baby. It shows in the way that I treat each photo session in careful planning and conversations happen between clients and myself. Behind the scenes, my assistant, Amber, and I are taking measures to ensure that you will love what images I produce for your session. But that isn't why people hire me.

     Clients hire me because they have a problem. They need it solved. They want to artistically photograph their newborn to document those tiny details, that they will soon forget (whether they know that yet or not). That lip quiver that is just so adorable or just how perfectly they fit into your arms really is fleeting because as many parents know, you blink your eyes and they are grown {emotional Mommy moment- mine JUST had their Kindergarten Graduation last night and I cried seeing all of the photos of them on the big screen}

     My Clients hire me because they are not a number or a session time. I take the time to get to know my clients and learn about their family as well as the style of their home, because I have built my business on providing unparalleled customer service and want to make sure that my shooting style blends well with their home, because the ultimate goal is for my clients images to be proudly displayed on their walls.  

     My Clients hire me because I provide heirloom products that stand the test of time. They want to see their baby's images on their walls as they walk down the hallway of their home, they want that family photo displayed proudly in their living room that accurately showcases the milestone in their life that they were given a new reason to live. 

     My Clients come to me because I have been doing this for years and take my business very seriously. Their child's safety is my utmost concern and will NEVER put their bundle of joy in a compromising position, which is why I have an assistant at EVERY newborn session. She is there for the sole purpose of making sure that baby is safe at all times. I will never photograph certain poses that may be popular on pintrest, because they really are not safe or natural for baby. 

     My Clients hire me because of my extensive training in the field of Newborn Photography ranging from courses and seminars, to month long training bootcamps to provide unmatched service to my clients.  

     My Clients hire me for my attention to detail because they know that I am not satisfied with average. They hire me because they come to me and we take care of everything, I am frequently asked "What do I need to bring?" Bring yourself and your baby. That is it. "Do you have props?" Goodness yes. I. Have. Props. {not so secret Propaholic here} I stay true to my brand with my careful prop selection.

     My clients hire me because I love what I do, I am passionate about what I do, because I am a perfectionist and mediocre is not in my vocabulary. I am hired for timeless, breathtaking images and heirloom quality product line, and because MY Clients value breathtaking photography.... and for the in-house Caramel Macchiatos. ;)