So, this is the part where you want to know more about me, right?

I am a wedding photographer, I take pictures of people in love and have an amazing time in the process. 
I was born in Gainesville, Florida {Go Gators!!} as were 2 of my 3 boys (but we won't hold it against that last one- gotta love army life, right?)  I am currently located in North Central Florida and have no plans on changing the scenery  (I see palm trees and I know I am home <3 ) . While I have no plans on moving I will travel to new places for my amazing clients. 

What Photography Means to Me
Photography is the art of storytelling minus the words. Documenting the raw emotion of a groom seeing his bride for the first time on their wedding day. Or a Father seeing his baby girl all grown up and about to become a Mrs.  It is taking the details otherwise gone and forgotten and freezing time so that memories can be brought back in the form of photographs. It is not simply standing behind a lens and pressing a button. It is much deeper than that. It is taking life experiences and determining how you would want to fill the 4 corners of the frame.  I want to fill the corners of my frame with life as it unfolds before my eyes. Fill it with the love that is shown through expressions and in those fleeting moments document what is truly most important to you. THAT is what photography means to me. 

Why is my brand different than EVERYYYYONE else? 
It's simple. I care. I care about your wedding. I care about the color palette you have chosen. I care about the flowers you have picked when you walk down the aisle. I care about telling your love story in the way it was meant to be told. I care right down to those last details and it shows. A lot of photographers will say 'we capture the moments' but then don't create any to be had, is telling you to smile at the camera REALLY capturing the moment? I make photography fun and you will forget about the girl standing behind the lens. I want you to be so wrapped up in each other (as you should)  that you don't notice me. Your love story is just that,  A LOVE STORY. and I want to document it. 

Other Area's of Photography
While my main focus is on Weddings I do take other sessions. Newborn portraiture is where my roots are in photography and I will always love photographing the newness of life and if you would like to read more about WHY I started photography in the first place you can read about it here. I also love photographing families and seeing how much everyone has changed each year. I also have so much fun photographing the occasional senior session and am terrified to death when my boys become old enough for one of these sessions. 

If you have read this far then we are meant to be together... you know, on a "I want to be the one who tells your love story" type way, seeing as the "Love of your life" role has already been filled. But seriously, if you want to connect and discuss your day  click here